Look at our track record. With experience spanning the launch of enterprise social media to responsive portfolio sites, we use the best images, the sharpest copy and most suitable channels to showcase your message.

Shopify eCommerce websites by Intermedia

Shopify Stores

Our favourite platform for online stores. Easy to customise, we help setup your online store, add products, and add any funky functionality and you're pretty much ready to accept payments. Shopify handles all the hassles of online retail.

Wiley Stratosphere Strategy website web app by Intermedia

Wiley 'Stratosphere' Strategy App

This responsive web app brings strategy to life. Using an animated four-box model, we use a variety of rich media to increase understanding of the big picture. Users then complete missions, quizzes and team tasks to win points.

  • Agile Development
  • Custom CMS
  • IE8 Compatible
  • Responsive
  • Video
Intelligent Approach TBS WordPress article by Intermedia

Intelligent Approach Article

We wrote, designed and coded this standalone article and then enhanced it with interactive elements and visualisations to keep the reader engaged.

  • Responsive
  • Visualisation
  • Writing
BigPicture Learning website by Intermedia

BigPicture Learning Website

A simple lightweight responsive website built from scratch using modern effects and design to convey a visual story.

  • Branding
  • Responsive
S4RB wordpress website by Intermedia

S4RB Website

We built this site on the popular Bridge WordPress theme before heavily customising the look and feel.

  • Responsive
  • WordPress
Nethaus website by Intermedia

Nethaus Website

This site works on all platforms with unique twists such as a customised Google Maps implementation and animations.

  • Branding
  • Responsive
  • BigPicture Learning
  • Derek Warwick
  • Eazy Print
  • Madderson London
  • NATS
  • Nethaus
  • So Morocco
  • Solutions 4 Retail Brands
  • Wiley