Development changelog

Version 1.4 Details

Updated Who We Are page
Updated contact details

Version 1.3 Case Studies

Added Case Studies section
Added latest projects
Added contact form to Contact Us page

Version 1.2 Shopify Microsite

Launched new Shopify microsite
Updated eCommerce copy and added link to Shopify microsite
Fixed Litte Book project page not loading

Version 1.1 New projects

Added XMAN Article to Writing
Added new testimonials to Testimonials
Added video to MyTile
Updated Homepage image blocks
Updated Pace and Skrollr to latest version
Standardised the page width across the site

Created Testimonials page
Updated Homepage clients
Updated Homepage testimonials
Fixed card text on Who We Are page
Fixed some typos

Various tweaks

Added EUROCONTROL PMI Skyway Magazine to Print
Added Over My House Web App to Apps
Added Intelligent Approach Article to Websites
Updated Our Work images to make them brighter
Updated Clients
Replaced Work project header illustrations
Added Vimeo to About Us
Adjusted responsive stylesheet
Updated file organisation
Pressing 'i' will now open all projects' notes

Version 1.0 Launch

Launched the site

Version 0.7 The tweak

Rebuilt Homepage
Rebuilt Our Work index page
Updated M&S client logo
Prepared website for launch
Cleaned up code

Version 0.6 The optimisation update

Finished mobile stylesheet coding
Removed mobile footer logo
Website is mobile friendly
Added page loading transition
Updated favicons

Our Work
Updated illustrations
Added more cross-links between projects
Added copy to most projects

About Us
Updated copy
Added illustrations
Added headshots to Who We Are page

Fixed client logo links

Added meta descriptions to all pages
Added alt tags to all images
Started adding item properties

Browser Compatibility
Rebuilt Our Work illustrations to fix appearance in Edge and Safari
Fixed page not sliding correctly in Firefox
Added -ms vendor prefixes to transform
Added -webkit vendor prefixes to transform
Replaced use of flex display on homepage for IE
Removed illustration animation in IE
Fixed Who We Are card flipping in IE
Added -webkit-overflow-scrolling to nav for iOS

Optmised all images
Adjusted asset load order

Version 0.5 The responsive update

Added responsive stylesheet for mobile
Added new copy site wide
Updated footer to match email signatures
Made menu button easier to click

Added new testimonials
Replaced Case Studies square with Gift square

Our Work
Updated various project images
Added logo section to Design & Branding
Moved case studies to below the projects, hidden for now
Renamed Interflix to MyTile Connect (for now)
Updated clients on various projects

About Us
Changed names to first name only
Updated bios with new content
Changed LinkedIn link to Intermedia page
Removed the What We Can Do page

Split clients into Big Brands and SMEs

Site Information
Fixed style error

W3C Validator error fixes
Replaced outline with box-shadow

Version 0.4 The design update

Redesigned how every page looks
Redesigned navigation
Added menu/close text to menu button
Redesigned fixed header bar
Redesigned footer
Reorganised page structure
One colour design as per new branding
Navigation can now be opened by pressing 'm'
Updated Font Awesome to latest version
Changed stylesheet to use SCSS
Improved SEO with page markup
Merged all separate JS scripts

New design
Added showreel
Added new feedback from clients
Added contact map

Our Work
New design for index and single pages
Added links to new Case Studies page
Redesigned images to match standard style
Switched product images to full colour
Added product photography from Adam
Added a customised LBO link to Print
Updated clients on all pages
Updated Photography images

About Us
New design with new content
Split Who We Are into a separate sub-page
Removed Facebook link

Who We Are
New people card designs
Moved people about

What We Can Do
New overlay design
Rebuilt icon code to future proof it

Updated clients list

Customised the map
Added hover effect to contact info box

Updated page structure
Updated dependencies

Version 0.3

Added FlightDeck product
Added Interflix product
Fixed mobile scrolling error
Removed body scrolling when nav menu is open
Updated nav menu morebar links and design

Adjusted product slider design, randomised starting slide
Tweaked page layout, titles, and links

About Us
Added David Meikle to People section (MA)

Our Work
Adjusted Products layout to 3x2
Updated Signly imagery
Updated all Websites imagery
Created Design & Branding page
Created Print page
Created Writing page
Redesigned Photography page

We Can Help You
Added Learning to What We Can Do
Added Aerospace, Safety, and Shrink to Topic Areas

Site Information
Moved Changelog to a new Updates page

Version 0.25

Started mobile stylesheet for site, some pages now respond to mobile
Added a Design & Branding link and icon (MA)
Updated map code and icon

Version 0.2

Changed site font to Source Sans Light and Semibold (MA)
Adjusted Morebar (under nav, the right hand menu) font size
Changed all instances of Intermedia Solutions to just Intermedia (MA)
Changed all instances of The Little Book Of to The Little Book Collection (MA)
Laid groundwork for making the site responsive, it isn't yet
Fixed some W3C Markup Validation Service errors, there'll be more

About Us
Added Selina Forrest to About Us page to Friends of Intermedia section (MA)

Our Work
Changed By Type to By Discipline (MA)
Added Writing and eCommerce sections to the By Discipline section (MA)
Added remaining icons to the By Discipline section
Added Safety and Shrink sections to the By Topic section (MA)
Added Shrinkify WIP Product page
Added Signly WIP Product page
Added The Little Book Collection WIP Product page
Changed Photography page Corporate Headshot project image
Changed Animation & Video page header image
Added new illustration to Animation & Video page
Added more videos to Animation & Video page

We Can Help You
Added eCommerce to list
Updated all page icons to use new colour palette

Site Information
Renamed Information to Site Information
Added a Changelog section
Added a Dependencies section

Version 0.1

Created new.intermediasolutions.com to demo the site